Calling all Toy Box creators!

We’re looking for the best Toy Box racetracks for our first ever Toy Box challenge! To enter, get creative and set up a themed racetrack in your Toy Box.

When you’ve got your Toy Box race ready, follow these instructions to submit it:

- While in your Racetrack Toy Box, bring up the Pause Menu.
- Select “Online/Multiplayer”. (You’ll need to be signed in with your Disney ID.)
- Then select “Toy Box Share” > “Disney’s Toy Boxes” > “Submit to Disney”.
- Follow the prompts.
- You’ll be asked to give your Toy Box an original name and description. Choose carefully – they will be shown to everybody if your Toy Box is featured!

Winning Toy Boxes will be featured on the Disney Infinity website and made available for everybody to download on the Nintendo Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360.

You have one week to enter the challenge… Ready, set, build!

- Disney Infinity Team